What is our mission?
It is to render our services with the utmost quality and safety, so that our customers and our customers’ customers are satisfied to the maximum.

What area do we cover?

Our firm’s structure allows us to guarantee the utmost quality and safety levels in all our services around all Europe

Which principles led our service?

We work in a simple and transparent way. At Paramo Logistics, S.L. we have bet on:
  • Teamwork.
  • Commitment to customers and their development.
  • Innovation and new technologies.
  • A modern and renovated fleet of vehicles and trailers.

“Our customers’ success is our success, their failure is also ours”

The added-value of our services

Paramo Logistics, S.L. has industrial premises fitted out to temporary store and guard goods and also to manage consolidated shipments. Likewise, we can solve the needs of palletizing and packaging of commodities in bulk as part of our services.
We possess a modern administrative infrastructure which enables us to ensure our clients a first-rate source of managing information which can be applied to different business areas: cash planning, marketing, total quality, safety…

“We are not as we see ourselves, we are as others see us”

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